Smile More, Spend Less with our In-House Plan!

For a nominal membership premium, gain access to our low-cost dental coverage. Enjoy complimentary preventive dental care, and affordable co-payments for corrective services, well below standard fees. Rest assured, our skilled and experienced staff is fully equipped to meet all your dental needs with expertise and care!

Premiums Less Than $1/day

  • All Health Conditions Accepted
  • You Cannot Be Denied Coverage
  • No Deductibles or Maximums
  • No Health Questions
  • No Rate Increases or Cancellations!

Turley Dental Care | Dental Fillings, Dentures and Dental Bridges

Our Plan Covers Your Whole Family

  • Child Complete (ages: 0–13) ~ $23/mo.
  • Adult Complete (ages: 14+) ~ $29/mo.
  • Perio (ages: 14+) ~ $45/mo.

Turley Dental Care | All-on-6, Digital Radiography and Dental Bridges

Special Financing Available

Insured & uninsured patients alike have a number of financing options available to them, including:

  • Convenient Payment Plans
  • 0% Financing
  • In-Office Dental Plans
  • 5% Senior Discounts
Turley Dental Care | Digital Radiography, Fastbraces reg  and Implant Dentistry

*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payment required. See CareCredit provider for details.

The Importance Of Good Oral Health

Taking care of your smile does more than keep your teeth and gums in optimal condition; good oral health also supports systemic health. In addition to being the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, researchers are finding more and more links between periodontal disease and a number of medical problems, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and respiratory problems.

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